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What is Basic style? wundou keeps all of the product’s designs continuous and unchanging, which benefits customers purchasing as uniforms and customers that requires it to be the same every year. wundou’s simple designs also allows printings and other embroideries to be done and made into uniforms. wundou calls this “BASIC STYLE”.

wundou Warehouse Management System

wundou owns and manages our own warehouse. To improve logistics and to ensure optimal quality, the warehouse provides information on product stocks on the internet, carries out product quality inspections, and many more. We put effort inpreparing your orders faster and more efficient.

Sports standard

Providing an ensuring and safe product is wundou’s top priority. We have set a high level of quality and standard, also known as “wundou standard”, to pass as A-grade products when going through quality inspections. All of wundou’s products have passed that standard. Currently, our products are mainly manufactured in China. Therefore, we have established our quality control office there and deliver good quality products to Japan.