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More sporting opportunities

28 colours | Kid’s size to Adult’s | basic design | Durable and Comfortable

wundou keeps all of the product’s designs continuous and unchanging. This benefits customers purchasing as uniforms and customers that requires it to be in the same design every year. In terms of quality, wundou carefully selects materials and fabrics that is resistant to colour transfer from long term storage, furthermore, wundou’s fabrics are resistant to heat printing or other embroidery methods that alter the size or shape of the products. Moreover, our method of quality control makes the colour difference as less as possible between each lot.

Spreading kid’s size sportswear

wundou has started expanding into the global market, with the goal of promoting junior sports. We believe that parents should allow their children to start sports at a young age, because it is important for children to know the fun in sports. Children will learn communication skills, improve motor skills, and be more active and healthy, wanting to be more in the sun and to improve memory and attentional skills which benefits learning. wundou provides kid’s sizes from 110 cm to 150 cm (roughly from age 4 to 13) for many sports categories, such as wrestling, tennis, rugby and many more.