1963 The founder of the company Mr. Katsuo Doi opened Lion Sports Shop in Koshigaya in Saitama prefecture.
1965 The shop was moved to Kanamachi in Tokyo and Mr. Doi started a wholesale business instead of just selling products.
1985 The company changed its name to School Lion and shifted its business to a wholesaler of P.E class uniforms.
1990 The Company changed its name to Lion Corp.
1993 The company established its own brand FLORIDAWIND.
1995 The company started solid color sportswear manufactures.
1997 Foreign manufacture began in Taiwan.
1998 Foreign manufacture began in China.
2004 The company established a physical distribution centre in Misato, Saitama prefecture.
2005 The company established the quality control office in China.
2006 The company moved the physical distribution centre to Kashiwa, Chiba prefecture.
2007 The company changed its name to FLORIDAWIND Corp.
2009 The headoffice was moved to Kashiwa in Chiba prefecture.
2010 The company started to provide golf wears for a pro player.
The official online shop was opened.
2011 The headoffice was moved to Kanamachi in Tokyo and the logistics centre was moved to Osaka.
2014 The company changed its name to wundou Corp. and also changed its brand name to wundou.
2016 International Sales Section was established and wundou began selling its products in Singapore.
2017 The company got ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications.