Corporate Philosophy

『More Sports for more people』

Business Policy

Importance of “basic items” as team uniforms

Although club activities in school or amateur sports teams get new members every year, the latest design uniforms are normally sold only for short terms. So it is difficult for new members to get the exact same uniform as other members. However, we venture to produce basic simple uniforms so that teams can wear our products for a longer time.

A wide range of colour

Of course functional aspects are important for sportswear but we think colours are also important because on occasions teams are separated into small groups by coloured uniforms for practice matches. To cater to needs like this, wundou provides a wide range of colours.

Standardising sizes from kids to adult

Everyone has different physical figures, even in a team. If you cannot find your size, you would be very disappointed. This is why wundou offers you a wide selection of sizes in many sports categories. Our size selections let you wear matching uniforms with your children!

Free delivery in Japan even for one item

wundou’s products are suitable as team-wears and in general sports teams tend to face the problem of ordering additional uniforms for new members. Our free delivery service is not only for your first order. Every time you order our products, you can get this free delivery service even for one item at a time! We believe this service is a big advantage for any sports teams. * Please note that this service is applied only when you choose our contracted delivery company.

The reason why we keep making more uniforms for more sports

In general, sports uniforms which less people wear are difficult to commercialize. This is why minor sports uniforms are more likely to be higher in price. However, wundou stocks those uniforms, such as wrestling and gymnastics wears, against that commonsense so that more people can get those rare uniforms with lower price. Now we do 12 sports categories from major sports like soccer and baseball to minor ones like wrestling and gymnastics. We will keep making efforts to expand categories that we can provide.

We do printing too

wundou’s products are all imprinted, to be useful for being team uniforms, because each user tends to print something on them such as team names, numbers etc. wundou has gained the best mark process techniques for each sports categories. We can even print on swimsuits.

Not only in sports field

All of wundou’s products are widely used not only in sports field, but in many different occasions. For example, our Basketball shorts and Basic Baseball Jersey are also popular as hip-hop dance wears. Of course, our basic items such as T-shirts and Polo shirts are used as uniforms in many companies; police stations, fire stations etc too. Moreover, some small sports apparel manufacturers use our products as base bodies and customize them as their original brand products. wundou’s products are reasonably priced, simple designs and high quality so that there are no limits to ideas of use!