About wundou

wundou’s products are all staple items

Our policy of product development is to make simple basic products to stock as basic items, for as long as possible without being affected by consistently changing trends. We are very careful with the designs and the use of colours to in order to avoid colour transfers, even after they are stocked for a while. We also pack our products one by one to make them easier to display in shops. Moreover, our original method of quality control makes the colour difference as less as possible between each lot.

Making responses as fast as possible by having huge stocks

Due to having plenty of stock in our warehouse, we can ship all orders received by 1:00pm that same day. These days, many sports-wear manufacturers are unlikely to have huge stocks as they follow the latest trend in fashion. However, by taking the risk of having huge stocks, we can make quick responses to the customers.

Preference for order-taking system and logistics centre

We not only manage order-taking but also our own logistics centre. We ask our customers to order on their own by using an online ordering system which allows them to check our stock list. The stock list shows you our stocks for each single unit including the next restock date. We can still improve the system alot as there are always opportunities for mistakes on order-taking and delivery are getting less every year. Also our free-delivery service that covers all over Japan has received a good reputation from our customers.

Meeting Sportswear Standard = Good Quality!

The most important thing for a manufacturer is to produce safe, reliable products. All wundou products have passed stricter tests than the general standard for garments so that we produce products for customers to have the opportunity to enjoy sports comfortably. Now our products are mainly made in China. Therefore we have established our quality control office there and deliver good quality products to Japan.